For the time being, there are only 2 disciplines that are covered in detail: General Trading and Binary Options. You can find a brief overview of each of them below.

General Trading: I give an overview of financial trading in general. I start off with an introduction to trading financial markets, covering the who, what, when, where, why and how. I proceed to get into the logistics of trading with basic jargon, trade types and charting platforms.

Following that with basic indicators and then moving onto the psychological aspect of trading in the 200 series. The 300 series is where advance level topics start being covered, I primarily focus on “the big picture stuff” here with things like hedging and diversification. Furthermore, parts of the 300 series will be devoted to teaching macro economics as well. Lastly, the 400 series is reserved for the higher level thought processes of trading.

Binary Options: This is where the revamped videos from my original “How I Trade Binary Options” series are being placed. Some videos from the old series were transferred directly over since nothing needed to be changed. The rest were revamped and restructured to accommodate the new levels of learning. I reorganized the videos to follow a more systematic approach to trading, previously I put several advanced level videos early on rather than later. Currently, the 100 series is being filled with the basic chart types, brokers, etc.

The 200 series is filled with price action related topics and how to watch charts, e.g. the “core stuff”. Following the core content is the 300 series, which starts off with 60 second options strategy and is followed by all the other customized strategies, this will be the primary focus of the 300 series. Lastly, we have the 400 series, which at this point in time hasn’t been populated yet. This is where I plan to put the really abstract content which I find harder to grasp than everything else.