Free Binary Options Tutoring Promo

Get one hour of 1 on 1 “tutoring” with me over Skype when you sign up and fund an account with one of the brokers below. Since I’m an affiliate for them, I get paid when you sign up and fund your account through my link.

PS: Even if you’re not prepared to deposit yet, I suggest you sign up with an account now so that you’re linked to me. Way too many people have emailed me about this promo after “forgetting that they signed up with someone else” prior to me. So take the time to sign up now so that you’ll have no issues later on to redeem your tutoring

Qualifying Brokers

For each broker that you sign up and fund an account with, you get an hour of free tutoring. Note: This offer only applies to the initial deposit.

You MUST use my links or else you do not qualify
In addition, please clear your cookies before clicking my links below!

http://www.StockPairSignUp.com ($200 Deposit)

Why you might want this and What you GET

I could easily just “pitch an idea” here but I won’t bother with that. So, here are the facts:

  • You need an account to trade anyways, so why not sign up and fund an account through my links.
  • You’re not paying me, you’re funding your own trading account. The money is coming from the broker’s advertising budget.
  • If you’ve watched my video series, you’ll know that I’m a competent and knowledgeable teacher.
  • This hour gives you an opportunity to talk 1 on 1 with an experienced trader / teacher. You’re welcome to ask me anything from basic broker features to extra chart examples from my videos to tricky concepts you need to clarify.
  • Thus, to fully utilize your hour of tutoring, please prep a question list for concepts that you don’t understand from my videos or trading in general.

What you DON’T GET

  • I don’t have a lesson plan for these tutoring sessions. Thus, as noted above, you should prep a question list for our tutoring session.
  • So, I won’t be teaching trading strategies. These will be made into videos in the future anyways, I don’t want people to think that I’m hiding exclusive information for the tutoring promo.
  • Nor will I be providing a “signal service”. Keep in mind, most of you will only get an hour (depending on how many brokers you deposit with), if I give you “signals” that won’t help you in the long run.

Delivery of Tutoring

To redeem the promo, please submit your information in the form at the bottom

We’ll be doing this over Skype and I’ll be utilizing the screen sharing feature as needed to demonstrate or explain the solution to your questions. You should have a headset so you can talk, otherwise you have to type while I talk.

  • PLEASE try to make the effort to redeem your hours ASAP! This way, there aren’t any issues to verify your account with the broker; once verified, you’ll be added onto an excel spreadsheet. There is no time limit, you can use your hours at any point in the future (assuming I’m still in the world of Finance).
  • Hours can only be redeemed in allotments of hours. I won’t break an hour up into two 30 minute sessions. If you have multiple hours, you can use each of them separately until you’ve used them all up.

See you on Skype!