Want my Forex Weekly Analysis to come back?

As you know, I decided to stop my Forex Weekly Analysis 2 months ago due to the lack of views I was getting. So I’ve decided to try a new approach. If you want my Forex Weekly Analysis to come back, go to, you’ll be redirected to my profile page on, make an account and follow me.

The number of followers I get will dictate whether or not I will continue my Forex Weekly Analysis. The goal is to hit at least 400 followers because that’s how many views I had on a weekly basis last year. I already have several analysis posted on there to give you a taste of my new approach.

I’ll continue posting my analysis for this month but if by the end of March, I don’t have at least 400 followers then I’ll have to reconsider my decision. So that’s it for this announcement, I look forward to seeing you on Trading View.